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All participants are required to register through the online registration system and are advised to register in advance to receive the registration discount. Please carefully read the registration guidelines below. For queries relating to the registration or invitation letter, please contact the secretariat at

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Important Dates (All deadlines are based on Korean Time, GMT+9hrs)

Author Registration Early Bird Registration
Mar. 10, 2023 Mar. 31, 2023 April 07, 2023 April 14, 2023

Registration Fee [Membership: KIPE, CES, IEEJ-IAS, IEEE PELS/IAS]

The online registration system was closed as of May 12th. Those who wish to register for ICPE 2023-ECCE Asia can visit the registration desk during the conference to complete their registration. The onsite registration desk will be open from 08:00, on May 22, 2023.

Registration Full day (In-person or Online Conference Registration)
Early Registration Regular Registration
Regular Member USD 695 USD 800
Non-Member USD 825 USD 910
Student Member USD 315 USD 380
Non-Member USD 380 USD 435
Life Member USD 315 USD 380

Tutorials (In-person only)
Early Registration Regular Registration
Regular Member USD 155 USD 175
Non-Member USD 155 USD 175
Student Member USD 60 USD 75
Non-Member USD 60 USD 75
Life Member USD 60 USD 75

Extra Tickets
Early Registration Onsite Registration
Night of Jeju USD 30 USD 30
Tech. Tour (with sightseeing) USD 30 USD 30
Additional Banquet Ticket for
Accompanying Person
USD 70 USD 70

One day Pass
Available Onsite Registration Only
Member USD 315
Non-Member USD 380

Registration Fee Covers

Regular Full day Student Full day Life Member Tutorial One-day Pass
Access to all sessions, Exhibits O O O X O
(Only chosen day)
Welcome Reception O O O X X
Opening Ceremony O O O X X
Lunch O O O X O
(Only chosen day)
Coffee Break O O O O
(Only Tutorial Day)
(Only chosen day)
Banquet O X O X X
Tutorial X X X O X
Night of Jeju X X X X X
Tech. Tour (with sightseeing) X X X X X



Full-day (Regular, Student) registration does not include access to tutorials. You can register for tutorials during the registration process.


Life Member rate applies to those who satisfy the following two conditions at the same time.
- Being under the retirement status at the time of registration and having no regular income
- Holding the life membership of KIPE, CES, IEEJ-IAS, and IEEE PELS/IAS, if applicable.


Due to the limited availability and space, extra tickets (e.g., Night of Jeju, Tech. Tour, and Additional Banquet) are sold on a first-come-first-served basis through online registration. Early registration is appreciated.


Please be aware that the tutorials may be canceled because of insufficient numbers of attendees or other reasons. Under this particular condition, refund is not offered and the registrant can change the selection of tutorials.

Registration for Authors


For the papers to be included in the program, each paper must have at least one regular full day registration completed by one of the authors. If you would like to submit two or more papers, the student full day registration fee will be charged for each additional paper by the same author.


Paper will not be included in the ICPE 2023-ECCE Asia proceedings if they do not have a fully paid registration associated with them by Mar. 10, 2023 Mar. 31, 2023


If you pay the additional paper fees by the student full day registration, please fill in the student information for the register.


Here we illustrate several cases of multiple paper registration.

Case 1: Early registration & membership rate, one professor, two papers -> 695$ + 315$ = 1,010$
Case 2: Early registration & membership rate, one professor, one student, two papers -> 695$ + 315$ = 1,010$
Case 3: Early registration & membership rate, one professor, two students, two papers -> 695$ + 315$ + 315$ = 1,325$
Case 4: Early registration & membership rate, one professor, two students, three papers -> 695$ + 315$ + 315$ = 1,325$

Method of Payment

- Online Credit Card Payment:  You can pay online with a fully secured e-commerce payment system.
- Bank Wire Transfer

Payments should be transferred to the following bank accounts. All bank charges are the responsibility of the applicant.

The transfer must be in the registrant’s name and must be stated on the receipt.

Due to the length of the conference organizer’s name, banks may have difficulty identifying it during an account transfer. To ensure that the transfer is processed correctly, please indicate KIPE (The Korean Institute of Power Electronics) as the recipient.

A copy of the receipt of the bank remittance should be sent to the ICPE 2023-ECCE Asia secretariat by e-mail.

Bank Name SuHyup-bank
Account Holder The Korean Institute of Power Electronics
Account Number 1010-2113-5525
Bank Address 62, Ogeum-ro, Songpa-Gu, Seoul, 05510, South Korea

Cancellation and Refund Policy

All refund/cancellation requests must be provided in writing and received by 30 April 2023. No refunds will be issued from 1 May 2023. Please submit all refund/cancellation requests to There will be a cancellation fee of $100 which will be deducted from each refund. Registration using invalid membership at the time of registration will be automatically canceled and reported to the corresponding organization.