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A total of 16 Tutorials are aimed to provide an opportunity for conference participants to learn, explore and gain knowledge on timely research topics ranging from theoretical foundations to practical techniques in the broad area of power electronics. Tutorials will be on the first day of the conference.

Tutorial Program at a Glance

Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E Room F Room G Room H
Morning T1 (Online) T2 T3 T4 T6 T7 T8 T9
Afternoon T10 T11 T12 T13 T14 T15 T16 T5

Morning Tutorials

T1. Cyber-Secure Monitoring and Control of Grid Connected Solar Power Distribution System
Prasad Enjeti, Jaewon Kim, and H. Ibrahim (Texas A&M University, USA)

T2. The Past, Present, and Future of Integrated Motor Drives
Thomas M. Jahns (University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA)

T3. Electromagnetic Compatibility of Switched-Mode Power Supplies
Günter Keller (Deggendorf Institute of Technology, Germany)

T4. Wind, PV, and EV – AC or DC Converter from Power Electronics Prospective
Ahmad Elkhateb (Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom)

T5. Immittance and Frequency Response of Converters in Power Systems
Jian Sun (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA)

T6.  Solid State Transformer: From Concept To Pilot Demonstration in a Decade enabled by HV SiC 10-15kV IGBTs and MOSFETs
Subhashish Bhattacharya (NC State University, USA)

T7. Condition and Health Monitoring of Power Components and Converters
Huai Wang (Aalborg University, Denmark) & Yingzhou Peng (Hunan University, China)

T8. Opportunities, Challenges and Potential Solutions in Wide-bandgap Device based Motor Drives
Xibo Yuan, Mohamed Diab, and Wenzhi Zhou (UK National Centre for Power Electronics, United Kingdom)

T9. EV Charging Technologies: Power Conversion, Power Quality, and Charging Strategies
Pavol Bauer, Zian Qin, Jianning Dong, and Gautham Ram (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)

Afternoon Tutorials

T10. Cybersecurity Modeling and Testing for Power Electronic Devices and Systems in Cyber-Physical environments
Taesic Kim (Texas A&M University-Kingsville, USA)

T11. Sensorless/Encoderless/Self-Sensing Control of AC Drives
Ralph Kennel (Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Germany), Seung-Ki Sul, and Jung-ik Ha (Seoul National University, Korea)

T12. EMI Mitigation for Power Electronics Converters
Dong Jiang (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China) and Fang Luo (Stonybrook University, USA)

T13. Advanced Digital Current Regulation Strategies for Grid Connected Inverters
Brendan McGrath & Grahame Holmes (RMIT University, Australia)

T14. Smart Transformer: Achieving High Power Flexibility in Future Electrical Grids
Giovanni De Carne (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)

T15. Design and Control of Solid-State DC Transformers for DC Transmission and Distribution Grids
Rik W. De Doncker (RWTH Aachen University., Germany), Jingxin Hu (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China), Shenghui Cui (Seoul National University, Korea), and Subhashish Bhattacharya (NC State University, USA)

T16. Resilient Power Electronic Systems
Saeed Peyghami (Alborg University, Denmark) and Shahriyar Kaboli (Sharif University of Technology, Iran)